Published February 17, 2020

This unit for upper elementary students is anchored by a field trip to The 1963 Danville Civil Rights Movement exhibit. Through this series of learning experiences, students will engage with the people and events of the Civil Rights Movement in Danville, Virginia, through the conceptual lens of leadership for social change.

These learning experiences are presented in a sequenced progression, however teachers may pick and choose from these learning experiences as they see fit. A suggested order has been provided that moves from analyzing primary source documents to writing about the 1963 Danville Civil Rights Movement from the perspective of those involved. Included in this unit is a field trip to The 1963 Danville Civil Rights Movement exhibit at the Danvillian Gallery.

Connections to the Protocol for Assessing the Teaching of History (PATH; van Hover, Hicks, & Cotton, 2012) are included in “Teacher Notes” of each learning experience’s instructional plan.

Learning Experience

The Birth of Public Education in Four Rural Virginia Counties

Who (person or group) had the most salient impact (local, state or national) on Virginia Public Education?

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