Please note: The History United program has concluded. We hope you’ll continue to use the resources available here. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Virginia Humanities at

History United (HU) uses local history to encourage investment in the future of the Dan River Region and to build a strong collaborative network of organizations and individuals committed to positive change.

The project was born in Danville six years ago, assisted by the Danville Regional Foundation, and Virginia Humanities, that will serve as its institutional home.

This is a proactive partnership and a joint effort to expand and enhance programs and networks that support a richer historical narrative and greater investment in the future of this area. The initiative’s programs are advised by a bi-state advisory and community partners encouraging regional collaboration and building community trust through a greater understanding of shared history.

With Virginia Humanities as an institutional home, History United works closely with a local Advisory Council and an on-site project director and project coordinator in the Danville area to:

  • Establish a network of cultural organizations in the region
  • Conduct in-depth research leading to an on-line (“Sites and Stories”) resource on the region’s African American historic sites
  • Produce a series of community conversations and other programs exploring local history
  • Develop local history-oriented programs for teachers in the Danville region
  • Engage younger residents in these efforts
  • Work with local organizations to build institutional capacity and a sense of shared purpose.


History, reflections, and memories of the residents in the Dan River Region of Virginia and North Carolina, from 1700 to Present.

Advisors & Partners

Fundamentally, History United is a community partnership; without the community, this project could not be realized.

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