Published June 26, 2013

Danville resident Doris Wilson was a history teacher at Langston High School, a school for African Americans. She started teaching at George Washington High School when the school was integrated. Ms. Wilson eventually worked her way up to become the Assistant Principal of George Washington. She loves teaching and built relationships with her students, and despite the initial struggle that integration posed, rarely had problems in her classroom because she respected her students and they respected her.

In this interview with Ms. Wilson, she speaks of the Civil Rights Movement from a teacher’s perspective, the experience of hearing Martin Luther King, Jr. speak, and what life was like in Danville during this time. A segment from her interview and a full transcript is included. (Note: Ms. Wilson requested to have no video taken of the actual conducted interview.)


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The Birth of Public Education in Four Rural Virginia Counties

Who (person or group) had the most salient impact (local, state or national) on Virginia Public Education?

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